At Re-vive we realise that beauty is not only skin deep, our focus is on well-being as a whole. Enhancing beauty from within as well as externally. With our top of the range natural skincare and makeup options, alongside our KiKi Health power foods, we pride ourselves on promoting self-care covering all bases for optimum beauty 

Dermapen is the latest anti-aging tool on the market-and we are excited to have launched it in the salon, replacing our other method of micro-needling.

This method uses micro needles that vertically pierce the skin in a process called "micro-needling". This is far safer for the patient than fractional laser resurfacing or dermal rolling.

Sounds a tad scary but its very non-invasive and very tolerable. 

The automatic vibrating function of the Dermapen is effective in reducing pain and discomfort for the patient.

Talk to us today about how this treatment will benefit you and your skin!


We now offer Botox!

Chat to Kelly and the girls in the salon for more information.



We have a 24 hour Cancellation Policy

If we haven’t been notified 24 hours prior to an appointment cancellation, this means that our therapists then have nothing to do in that time. Cancelling 24 hours prior means we can fill this available time slot and someone else is lucky enough to have their treatment. 
We do sincerely understand that things happen and change daily,  but if this is a regular occurrence- we will charge accordingly. This policy also applies to no shows for appointments.
Thank you for your understanding-From the Re-vive Team


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