For stirring into a smoothie, adding a kick to your post-gym juice or as a salad topping, Organic Nature’s Living Superfood is designed to support your digestive system. A vegan concoction that combines 32 cold pressed alkalising land and sea vegetables, micro-algaes, enzymes and bacterial cultures that are all carefully balanced to ensure your body can absorb as much of its goodness as possible.

Nature's Living Superfood

  • ✓ This loose powder contains 32, cold pressed ingredients that have been carefully selected, balanced and prepared to ensure maximum absorption and utilisation in the body at a cellular level
    ✓ Supports your daily nutritional needs and encourages optimum immune health and energy levels
    ✓ Boosts the health of skin, hair and nails
    ✓ A perfect aid for fitness, weight management and joint health
    ✓ Promotes memory and cognitive health

    Comes in 150g size.

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